The Smile – Wall Of Eyes

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Released in January 2024, The Smile’s “Wall of Eyes” is a captivating journey through soundscapes both familiar and unsettling. Building on the foundation laid by their debut album, the band weaves together elements of their Radiohead roots with a distinctly experimental flair. The title track, “Wall of Eyes,” sets the tone with its driving rhythm and haunting melody, while songs like “Teleharmonic” and “Read the Room” showcase their penchant for sonic exploration, utilizing unconventional instrumentation and layered textures.

Throughout the album, Thom Yorke’s vocals paint vivid pictures, navigating themes of isolation, paranoia, and introspection. The music mirrors these lyrical explorations, often veering into darker, more dissonant territory before offering moments of ethereal beauty. Tracks like “Under Our Pillows” and “Friend of a Friend” provide a brief respite, their melancholic melodies offering a glimpse of vulnerability amidst the album’s overall intensity.

The closing track, “You Know Me!,” serves as a poignant culmination of the album’s emotional journey. Its stripped-down arrangement allows Yorke’s voice to take center stage, delivering a final message that resonates with both ambiguity and a glimmer of hope. “Wall of Eyes” is an album that demands repeated listens, each iteration revealing new layers of complexity and emotional depth.

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