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Released on September 23, 2014, “Unknown Memory” is the debut studio album by Swedish rapper Yung Lean. This album marked a significant evolution from his lo-fi mixtape “Unknown Death 2002” and established him as a major figure in the cloud rap scene.

A Hauntingly Beautiful Soundscape:

The album’s production is characterized by its atmospheric and melancholic soundscapes. Lush, synth-heavy instrumentals create a sense of dreaminess and introspection. Lean’s vocals, delivered in a deadpan monotone, perfectly complement the mood of the music. Tracks like “Blinded,” “Sunrise Angel,” and “Yoshi City” are prime examples of this aesthetic, showcasing the album’s signature “laser sword melancholia” sound.

Themes of Alienation and Loss:

Lyrically, “Unknown Memory” explores themes of alienation, loss, and existential angst. Lean raps about his struggles with depression, loneliness, and drug use. His delivery is often detached and emotionless, adding to the overall bleakness of the album’s atmosphere. However, there are also moments of hope and vulnerability, as seen in tracks like “Yoshi City” and “Ice Cold Smoke.”

A Critical and Commercial Success:

“Unknown Memory” was met with critical acclaim, with many praising its production, atmosphere, and lyrical depth. It is considered a landmark album in the cloud rap genre and has influenced a generation of artists. The album also achieved commercial success, peaking at number 1 on the Swedish Albums Chart and becoming a cult classic.


“Unknown Memory” is a powerful and influential album that continues to resonate with listeners today. Its unique blend of atmospheric production, introspective lyrics, and deadpan delivery has cemented its place as a classic of the cloud rap genre.

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