Black Sabbath ‎– Paranoid (50th Anniversary Edition)

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Released in 1970, Black Sabbath’s second album, Paranoid, wasn’t just a landmark for the band, it was a foundational element of heavy metal itself. The album built on the dark, sludgy riffs of their debut, but with a newfound focus and intensity. Tony Iommi’s guitar churned out now-legendary riffs, like the churning behemoth in “Iron Man” or the hauntingly slow crawl of “War Pigs.” Bass and drums pounded out a relentless rhythm section, laying the groundwork for Ozzy Osbourne’s distinctive vocals.

Paranoid wasn’t afraid to delve into the dark side. Lyrics explored themes of war, paranoia, and the occult, all delivered with a bleakness that resonated with a generation. The album wasn’t all doom and gloom though. The title track itself, a late addition to the record, injected a dose of frantic energy with its galloping riff and Osbourne’s snarling vocals. Paranoid wasn’t just heavy, it was a mood, a sonic landscape of dread and unease that would inspire countless bands to come.

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