Sun Ra – Space is the Place

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“Space is the Place” by Sun Ra isn’t just an album, it’s an odyssey. It blasts off with a cacophony of cosmic horns and Sun Ra’s otherworldly pronouncements, beckoning you to leave the confines of Earth and join his Arkestra on a journey to… well, that’s the beauty of it. The destination is as much internal as external, a liberation of the mind and spirit fueled by Sun Ra’s Afrofuturist vision.

The music itself defies easy categorization. Imagine a kaleidoscope where Sun Ra’s cosmic piano swirls with free-floating saxophones, Egyptian chants, and bursts of avant-garde noise. It’s like jazz channeling the spirit of ancient pharaohs while hurtling through galaxies. Tracks like “Rocket Number 9” and “There Are Other Worlds We Have Not Seen” epitomize this, their titles mere whispers compared to the sonic universe they unlock.

But “Space is the Place” isn’t just about sonic exploration. It’s a message, a call to action. Sun Ra’s lyrics, delivered with both playful humor and poignant urgency, urge listeners to break free from oppression, embrace their inner potential, and join him on his quest for a better future, not just on another planet, but within ourselves. Tracks like “It Ain’t Necessarily So” and “Outer Spaceways Incorporated” blend social commentary with cosmic yearning, creating a potent mix that lingers long after the music fades.

So, is “Space is the Place” an album? Yes, but it’s also a philosophical treatise, a spiritual awakening, and a party all rolled into one. It’s an experience that challenges, invigorates, and leaves you forever changed, much like a journey to another world would. Prepare for liftoff.

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